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SB-X 12v DC Block Battery | Camera Accessories, Power

These Ryobi 12V DC Battery packs have an easy connector to tap into their power. Cheap and lightweight, can power many different accessories for hours and hours. Just gotta finish up the wiring...

The votlage regulator on the Arduino can accept a maximum input voltage of 20VDC – This is well above the typicall voltage of a fully charged lead acid battery (13.8VDC). As you can see below, we simply used a 2.5mm DC barrel plug soldered to a pair of aligator clips. They clip on to the battery terminals and the Arduino fires right up. An inline fuse on one or both leads would be a safe addition to this setup – the instantaneous (shorted) current from a 12VDC battery of this size is very high.

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Product Specifications
Name: 12 Volt in car Battery Charger
Category: Off Road Accessories
External dimensions:: H 40 W 135 L 90
Net Weight: 0.45 Kg
DC Power Consumption: up top 10 Amps
Power: 12 Volt DC negative earth

Producing Higher voltage from 12 volt DC battery's.

Optional 12 Volt DC Battery Packs Available: (Part# ABD TC-21B) Keep an additional battery or two to have one fully charged while the other one is in use! Charge up several batteries if you're airbrushing on the go, then you could use the compressor anywhere for hours!

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The 3000 Watt 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter with 20 amp charger and automatic transfer switch is the perfect system you use with your back up emergency equipment of 24.25 amp or less. This type of wattage will cover most sump pumps and a large range of heating and cooling systems. By connecting this inverter directly to a 12 volt battery system and then plugging the ac charger cord to any home outlet your home UPS in now ready for use. The system will detect a loss of utility power and then switch directly to battery backup power. When utility power is available the charger will bulk charge the batteries until fully charge then go into a float mode. This unit also includes a digital monitoring system that displays battery voltage and wattage load applied.

The inverter attaches directly to a 12v DC battery supply. It has the ability to power on medium-high load devices. It has durable reinforced panels on the interior which allows for the unit to be used in vehicles as well as home use. Designed with the best quality components inside, all high grade resistors/transistors.
Some applications that it can be used for are: incandescent lighting, tvs, small appliances (fridges,freezers steroes, fans etc..) power tools (drills,saws etc..), pumps, kettles, pots, small heaters, microwaves, heaters, medium air conditioner units
This newly designed heavy duty inverter is made to with stand movement and vibrations commonly experienced in mobile settings. With the addition of reinforced steel bars holding all the interior components in place, this heavy duty inverter is ideal for all mobile applications. Also included newly designed Automatic Transfer switch, which turns this inverter to the ultimate home backup power supply. Plug house hold devices in the inverter and when the house power is cut the battery power will transfer over automatically.
** please check power requirements of your devices or call in for any questions

3000 watts continuous power
6000 watts peak power
Provides 24.25 Amps
DC input voltage: 10.5-15V
Anodized aluminum case provides durability
Built-in Cooling Fan
Internal, Replaceable 30 Amp spade-type Fuses
4 3 Prong 120 volt AC outlet
Overload Indicator
Digital Amp~Wattage display Helps monitor overloads
Power ON/OFF Switch
Free 100ft Range Wireless Remote
Built-in Battery Charger & Automatic Transfer Switch
3 FT Battery Cables Included