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OTC (6475) Crankshaft TDC Timing Pin for Ford


HP ProBook 6475b Challenge the Status Quo

Noise is no issue with the ProBook 6475b - at least, if the user chooses to deactivate the BIOS option "Fan always on when AC". In that case, the fan remains silent when the laptop is left (mostly) idle, being used only for office tasks and some light browsing. Some ambient noise exists due to the 7200 rpm HDD, which causes a minimal sound pressure of 32.6 dB(A).

The Radeon graphics card of the 6475b barely manages to squeeze ahead of the in terms of processing power as our 3D Mark 11 figure shows. It doesn't stand a chance in both the brand-new 3DMark Cloud Gate (HD 4000: +59%; ) and the Fire Strike benchmark (HD 4000: +36%) though.

Country Squire SW 6475 - Blue Paint Color - Sherwin-Williams

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The branches off up to 512 MB of main memory and boasts higher clock speeds than the of the (the AMD quad-core alternative to the 6475b) while settling with only 192 shader core units (the HD 7640G comes with 256), thus having to content itself with slightly worse benchmark results. The profits from dual channel memory, however, only one memory bank is in use in the 6475b. Still, it was never meant to power PC games or to conduct demanding encoding tasks. Its strengths lie with its low power consumption in idle mode (especially when the laptop is running on battery) and as an aide in decoding (Video Encoder) to the under-performing Piledriver core. More information can be found on the .

Under full load, 36.6 to 39.7 dB(A) was measured. At least the upper limit will hardly ever be reached in normal office use as it was derived in our stress test (see below), which lacks in practical relevance. Three of the 6475b's competitors - the , the and the - are louder due to their dedicated GPUs, at least under full load (up to 46 dB(A)). Both the () and the () fare better in this regard (35 and 33 dB(A)).