Always maxi pads "Overnight" is a must!

Always Ultra Thin Regular Pads With Wings, Unscented, 96 Count


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The results of the testing indicate that both scented and unscented Always pads emit toxic chemicals, including chemicals identified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and the State of California Environmental Protection Agency as carcinogens, and reproductive and developmental toxins. None of these chemicals are disclosed on the product by the manufacturer.

Growing up, we would have Always pads in our home because my mom used them. When I first got my period, I used Always, and continued to use it until I got to college. They are absorbent enough, but they don't feel great.

The ones that aren't *Ultra thin* are way too thick, and have an unpleasant plastic layer on them. These stick to your panty well enough though. There are better pads out there, but these do the job.

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  1. Great Product! Review by Mary Z.

    I switched from Always pads to Always Discreet pads to help with my sensitive bladder. The product works very well for my needs, because it is made to neutralize the ammonia/urine odor and a menstrual product does not. I highly recommend Always Discreet for your non-menstrual needs! (Posted on 9/24/14)

Always Pads Testing Results - Women's Voices for the Earth

In August 2014 Women’s Voices for the Earth commissioned testing of four types of Always menstrual pads, manufactured by Procter & Gamble. The certified laboratory STAT Analysis Corporation analyzed the products for volatile organic compound. These data represent the first publicly available test results of this kind for these products. Both scented and unscented Always Ultra Thin pads were tested, as well as scented and unscented Always Infinity.

Always maxi pads are a bit disappointing to me. While absorbent and keep me dry some of the time, the absorbent material inside likes to separate and bunch up, which has led to a few embarassing accidents. They do stay in place, but the wings like to come loose and stick to the inside of my thighs.