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Find Antenna TV in the Lexington area: Over-the-air: WTVQ 36.6

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Is anyone else familiar with Antenna TV? (I have no idea what kind of response I’m expecting here.) I discovered it by accident when I was on vacation when it was one of maybe ten channels that were offered by the hotel. It’s basically rerun heaven, in a world where . (The short version: we have access to more media than we’ve ever had, and no one watches reruns anymore because we don’t have to. This rule does not apply to Seinfeld or Friends.)

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    Don’t let the name Antenna TV confuse
    you though. Viewers don’t “only” receive
    the channel with an antenna. They can
    watch 23.2 on Comcast channel 436 in
    the Rockford area, 358 on Comcast in
    Rochelle and channel 101 on Mediacom
    Cable Systems. Charter Communications
    airs the channel on 193 on its Illinois