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ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Desserts - 6 Pack - Cookie Shake Creamy Pint

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I just tried this Arctic Zero… I’m also skeptical of the processed ingredients. It does seem too good to be true. It is however a great substitute for the lactose intolerant. And I definitely agree with you that melting it is key. I’ll have to try the coffee kind!

I also read that The Today Show did a report on diet ice creams and found that this one in particular was actually under on their calorie count. The Today Show reported that in reality, Arctic Zero ice creams had about 46-68% more calories than they claimed. The company of course said their calorie count is correct…but who knows. (is the story).

Arctic Zero is available in the following flavors.

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Arctic Zero Ice Cream VS. Skinny Cow Ice Cream

My husband and I are pretty routine at night. We have dinner followed by dessert…some sort of dessert..every night. He loves ice cream (who doesn’t?) but obviously, I don’t want to stuff my face with Ben and Jerry’s on a daily basis…I mean, I do, but I shouldn’t. So, I decided to give Arctic Zero ice cream a try.

BTW, I’ve been eating all I want of low carb foods for the last 3 days and have already dropped close to 5 pounds! Every day I have one or 2 bowls of “Arctic Zero” prepared like the above, lots of low carb slightly-cooked veggies with lean meats- all I want, cottage cheese, cheese sticks, tiny dill pickles, cherry tomatoes. a couple of handfuls of pecans and macadamias, and even a small dark chocolate candy bar thrown in.