As Seen on TV peforms at Ghostfest.

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The As Seen on TV logo doesn’t belong to any one brand -- it’s an open source logo that anyone can use. “It’s become a powerful sales tool,” says Haire.

Thomas Haire, editor-in-chief of , estimates that As Seen on TV is a $400 billion industry. Haire says that Allstar Product Group, the company that has created products like The Snuggie, Bump It, and Forever Lazy, pulls in as much as $500 million a year.

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The As Seen on TV umbrella limits competition between companies. While they all hope for a winning product they don’t mind if another company has one. “As the business grows we all grow,” says Boilen.

As Seen on TV infomercials have long been a favorite of Americans in need of entertaining. With exaggerated problems ("Are you tired of fussing with pasta pots, timers, stirring, and testing just for a plate of pasta?") and kitschy solutions ("Pasta boat: the perfect 5-in-1 pasta cooker that serves perfect pasta without the hassle!") it’s easy to mistake the industry for just that, cheap amusement.