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Backup Camera and Monitor Kit For Car,Universal Waterproof Rear-view License Plate Car Rear Backup Camera + 4.3 LCD Rear View Monitor

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RVs and Trailers have larger blind spots than your typical vehicle. A RV backup camera can be the best investment you can make for your recreational vehicle. Backing up can be difficult when you are in a tight spot or are backing up at night time. Trying to reverse can also be dangerous if you are on a small road or lot. A wireless RV backup camera gives you full rear view visibility of your RV or trailer. PEAK® wireless backup cameras for RVs give you large color displays that help you to navigate while driving in reverse. The included wireless transmitters also make installation a breeze. Even the largest RVs and trailers can have a backup camera installed thanks to 2.4 GHz wireless technology.

The back-up camera will work on either the Evolution, Insight, or Juice with Attitude Color Touch Screen monitors. CTS means color touch screen, CS means color screen. The back up camera WILL NOT WORK ON CS MONITORS.

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  • Universal Waterproof Tailgate Handle Rear-View Backup Camera

    There are dozens of safety devices available for motor vehicles, but one of the newest and coolest is the wireless backup camera. In time, it seems that each of these safety devices will become standard, but many of them are relegated to pricey vehicles in the early stages of development. If you want to drive the safest vehicle possible, it seems that most of your safety purchases will have be made later in the car’s life. One of the more popular devices available today is the backup camera, a simple device that solves a number of classic vehicle problems.

    If you want to purchase one of these devices, you should take a bit of time to learn about the importance of the device, how it works, and how it can be installed safely and easily into your car. Your safety, and that of others, may depend on this knowledge. If you already know why you want a , then I’d suggest you take a look at our list of articles on the specific types of backup cameras. You can find these to this listed on the left or at the top.