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Originally, I expected the Dyson vacuums to outperform the pack by large swaths. I have since come to see Dyson vacuums as status symbols more than anything. They perform well, certainly, but they cost an arm and a leg and with the exception of pet hair on hard floors, the only Dyson to outperform the Bissell was the $649.99 . For far less, this Bissell vacuum consistently tested as one of the best. It is simple to use, feels reliably constructed, and offers welcome features like a removable canister and well-designed extension wand.

Your Bissell Vacuum is an importantpart of keeping your home clean; which means it must be runningefficiently. Why pay for another vacuum when, in most cases, yourmachine can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of replacing it?That's why we say: If It's Broke, Fix It! Whether you need specific to get yourvacuum or carpet cleaner running again, or a bag, belt, or filter tomaintain a working machine; we've got every part you could need tomake sure your Bissell is running efficiently and effectively.

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Fast forward 2-3 weeks. The refurbished vacuum shows up and its the newer model. We initially thought, great, it should be better. Boy, were we wrong. This thing is junk. It came with a broken part. The tab that you wrap the cord around was broken off already (see picture below). I should have taken a picture of the tab on the old vacuum. It is much thicker and would be much harder to break. And seriously, how often do those stupid tabs actually last? Anyways, its not just the tabs that they cheaped out on. Everything about the vacuum just feels cheap. The debris canister takes a lot of force to stay in place. The handle feels cheap in your hand. The hose the torn previously looks to be glued on instead of some kind of fitting that they had on the older model. Plus, it looks like it maybe leaking around it as a bunch of small particles of something are all over it. They are definitely using a cheaper motor. Its the same amperage but it is so much louder than before. The true test is the amount of dirt that is being collected. The canister doesn’t have nearly the same amount of debris in there as before. We didn’t suddenly become super clean. I mean, come one, we have a dog and its the middle of winter.

Under her leadership, the Bissell vacuum line expanded to include deep carpet cleaners (using heated water to better penetrate deep-down dirt), carpet shampoos to easily clean carpets, and lightweight vacuums for maneuverability and storage in smaller homes. Following in the barrier-breaking footsteps of Anna Bissell, today's Bissell products are constantly improved to better suit consumer cleaning needs around the home. The release of Pet Inspired products (such as the Pet Hair Eraser Corded Hand Vacuum in 2008) that were specifically designed to tackle pet messes gave consumers a relationship with the Bissell brand.