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The influx of cheap violin bows from China (typically with German names) have raised the question of whether it is better to rehair a bow when necessary, or to just buy a new one. In fact, a good rehair costs more than some new student bows.

Depending on how committed you are to your music will determine whether you want cheap violin bows or whether you may consider other things as important as the violin bow price. Like the antique violin bows, weight and balance are the most important considerations. In the past, the lightweight material of choice for a violin bow was pernambuco aka, brazil wood. You can now buy a carbon fiber violin bow (carbon violin bow) as an alternative to the pernambuco violin bows now offered. With pernambuco violin bows, the value and the price rises with the aging of the wood. Wood like cheese gets better with age.

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They combine strength and flexibility with elegance and balance