20 Clarifying Shampoos Gentle Enough for Damaged Hair

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce


Pantene Clarifying Shampoo (500ml), £3.99, widely available.

I bought this for my teenage daughter who does NOT like to shower/wash her hair every day. She was getting such oily buildup that when she did wash her hair, once wasn't enough. She RARELY uses any product in her hair, so it was all natural build up - oil and teenage hormones! My hairstylist suggested this clarifying shampoo. She further suggested lathering up with this product first thing in the shower and clipping it up while she finished showering (wash body, shave, etc.) then rinse and wash with regular shampoo. The results after the first wash/shower were amazing! It lathers well and smells mango/tropical like. I used it once myself and I noticed right away when I went to use my regular shampoo that is lathered up so nicely. I do use product in my hair and I could use this once or twice a week. I would recommend and hope that this information is helpful. :)

I needed a clarifying shampoo that works with color treated hair. I use a lot of styling and treatment products, which results in tons of buildup that my regular shampoo can't take care of. This product is amazing. Simple, but effective. The lemon scent is very refreshing and it leaves hair completely clean without stripping my scalp. I will only use it on occasion to get rid of product buildup, but the directions do say it can be used any time, which is a plus for people with oily hair. It is also a nice precursor for deep conditioning, allowing conditioner or other treatment to really penetrate the hair. Paul Mitchell for the win.

does anyone know where u can find pantene clarifying shampoo.

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SynopsisImportance of Hair Clarifying Shampoo. Part of the series: How to Condition Hair Prior to Coloring. Clarifying shampoo removes buildup, toxins, and styling products from hair. Learn how to use clarifying shampoo before dying hair in this free hair coloring video from a professional hair stylist.

The Only Clarifying Shampoo I Use

This product is a clarifying shampoo so it is going to strip the oils and moisture from your hair, but I feel as if this is over drying and I had to over compensate using a masque after the use of this product.

I have prematurely gray, curly, thick, coarse hair, and the minerals in our hard water react with the heat of my styling tools to yellow the white/silver. I use this shampoo once or twice a week, depending on how often I style my hair with heat, and it takes the brassiness out and brightens the white/silver in my hair. Though it's a clarifying shampoo, it's not harsh and doesn't leave my hair feeling dry. And it smells like Froot Loops, lol. I've tried other clarifying shampoos, and none is as effective as this.