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SuppliesOutlet Canon FX-8 (S35) Toner Cartridge - Black - Compatible - For FaxPhone L170, L400, ICD-340 Digital Copier, ImageClass D300, D320, D340, D383, L170, LaserClass 310, 510, PC-D320, PC-D340

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Thermal transfer fax/copier machine for high-performance;

Lt. Joe Gomez said an employee found a 2-foot device that appeared to be a cluster of pipes bound together with bubble wrap in a box supposedly carrying copy machine toner. It had wiring sticking out of it and “suspicious writing.”

Unlike printers that use liquid ink, copy machines use toner cartridges that contain a large amount of colored powder. If a toner cartridge cracks while you're removing or installing it, the powder can leak out, causing a daunting mess. Fortunately, your business doesn't need to hire a professional cleaning company to remove the spill. When wiped up quickly, the powder won't have a chance to stain your clothes, floor or desk.

E16 E20 E30 E31 E40, Personal Copier PC140 PC150 PC160 PC170 PC300 ..

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