Crafted Items have 3-4 Fixed Properties

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How to prep for and sell your craft items at a craft show or fair! Includes a check list of what to bring along with you to the sale, choosing what to make and how to set your prices.

Craft items are game that can only be used in . Most of the craft items can be obtained by crafting using specific blueprints. There are some limited craft items that can be only unlocked from .

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Product Ingredient Exp Description


Diamond Ore
1.0 Used to craft various items.
When normally mined drops 1 diamond and 3–7 exp.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Ore
0.2 Used as a dye, to enchant items, and to craft a Lapis Lazuli Block.
When normally mined drops 4–8 lapis lazuli and 2–5 exp.


Redstone Ore
0.7 Used in crafting, brewing, and redstone circuits.
When normally mined drops 4–5 redstone and 1–5 exp.


Coal Ore
0.1 Used as a fuel and as lighting.
When normally mined drops 1 coal and 0–2 exp.


Emerald Ore
1.0 Used for trading and to craft emerald blocks.
When normally mined drops 1 emerald and 3–7 exp.

Nether Quartz

Nether Quartz Ore
0.2 Used to craft various items
When normally mined drops 1 Nether Quartz and 2–5 exp.

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Where do you put all the glue, sequins, scissors, buttons, and stickers used to make crafts? If your crafting supplies are in disarray, then you need to go get yourself a clear plastic shoe organizer. A shoe organizer is the perfect way to house all of those small intricate crafting items. With so many pockets, you can divide them up easily into categories. Plus, a shoe organizer makes them easy to be seen. No more digging around in drawers looking for hot glue gun sticks because you’ve ran out. All of your supplies will be right where you can see them!

Crafted Items are pretty much a free shot of creating a Rare Item. You don't know if you'll get a "good" item sincethe bonuses are random but you do have a better chance than trying to find a Rare Item or Gambling for aRare Item.