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Denon DP-300F Fully Automatic Analog Turntable


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Denon turntables are not the most well known turntables in the world. Cartridges, sure. They have created some of the most well respected cartridges of all time. But are their turntables equally as good?

Unfortunately, their best turntables are incredibly hard to find. This is likely why they come up rarely in discussions of the best vintage turntables. To be considered the best, you have to be heard first. A second hand Denon turntable is a rare find, and thus not often the first thing that comes to mind when recommending or searching for a vintage turntable.

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If you’re lucky enough to happen upon a vintage Denon turntable at a garage sale or similar, be sure to pick it up. Chances are it’ll be a great little unit.

Vintage Denon turntables tend to be either semi-automatic or automatic, and Denon have continued this trend with their new offerings. Also included is a cueing lever to allow the user to select tracks on the record, a must for any good automatic turntable. I generally find automatic play a little slow and enjoy using the manual cueing lever more often than not, but the automatic option can be nice in dim environments. Another nice thing about the automatic function is that it makes using the turntable easy for guests that are not familiar with vinyl, as they can safely push play and spin vinyl of their choosing without risking damage to your records.