- The dezl 560LMT has fuel logging capabilities

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Too low to display

Garmin: dezl 560 (GCD file) Updates & Downloads

I loaded some Garmin TOPO US 2008 maps onto my DEZL560 of course they are not routable but will display. The display shows extra bold contour lines that are much larger than the roads and trails. It I purchase and load TOPO 24K will it display properly (normal contour lines) and will the routing work?

we have had the dezl560 for just over a year now. We are long haul truckers together, never to the same place twice. Over all theunit has been good and works well until lately. it will shut itself off and then boot up again on its own about every 30 to 40 minutes. at this time you must do the agree pgs etc. then hit view map, most of the time this takes you back to your route….MOST of the time…other times it has erased the last route completely.
We have written to Garmin a coupla times with no response

dezl 560 (GCD file) Updates & Downloads

TRAMsoft GmbH - GARMIN Dezl 560 (english)

I’m a 20+ year driver and will never recommend this dezl 560 to anyone. It’s complete joke, have one replaced already and is same junk it was previous one. Mainly truck restrictions are all over the map even on old truck stops and interstate ramps and industrial parks areas, I know my routes and ignore this thing, it’s not worth a dollar, by the way I update this 4 times a year

The dezl 560LMT is designed with truckers in mind. It has a large 5" display, an extra loud speaker, and external video input for backup cameras. Features include trucking speed limits, truck-specific route highlighting and trucking points of interest (POIs). It's also geared toward RV drivers, who will appreciate the ability to setup an RV profile and calculate routes based on height, weight and length restrictions. With your dezl 560LMT, logging and retaining trip information has never been easier. You record fuel usage, and the 560LMT automatically records state mileage for IFTA fuel logging. Easily log your hours of service and driving status, and the 560LMT tracks your hours and automatically warns you of HOS violations. Conveniently export all logs for improved reporting and tracking of each trip. With a 5" (12.7 cm) high-resolution touchscreen display, dezl 560LMT provides a wealth of information in great detail. Clearly follow your highlighted, truck-specific route on the trucking map (U.S. and Canada) and view trucking violations and warnings. dezl 560LMT also comes standard with lane assist with junction view, which provides photo-realistic views of upcoming junctions to guide you to the right lane at the right time especially helpful when navigating complex highway interchanges.