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I’ve never used a barbell before! I love dumbells. So much flexibility. K, you need to hop on the Best Body Bootcamp bandwagon!! Seriously – we are only into day 3 of week 1 and I absolutely LOVE IT!

I use a variety of equipment including barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, etc.. I think it’s good to have variety and as long as you know what you are doing, “dumbells aren’t dangerous or bad for you.” Every trainer will have their own opinion but I like to form my own.

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  1. Sit on the edge of the bench, feet flat on the floor about 12 inches apart. 

  2. Rest dumbells on thighs while keeping hold of them.

  3. While staying seated raise heels by just using toes.

  4. Lower your heels to the ground and repeat.

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I usually use both dumbells and barbells for my workouts, so I never gave that too much of a thought! I’m happy as long as I’m doing free weights. I don’t believe in machines at all! (Except for the leg press)

On another note I’ve recently become a massive fan of press ups. They work every single muscle in the upper body as well as strengthen your wrists. For variety I use the bosu upside down and occasionally also put one wrist on a dumbell which makes it more painful for some reason!