1x Energizer Trailfinder Headlamp

Energizer Trail Finder Pro 7 LED Headlamp, Blue/Black, 3AAA Batteries Included

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There’s no limit to what you can get done if you’re willing to look ridiculous while you’re doing it. The Energizer Trailfinder Headlamp is essential for both halves of that credo.

And just what can the Energizer Trailfinder Headlamp help you get done, with its two white LEDs, one red LED, and 30 lumens of maximum output? Fixing your car if it breaks down at night. Taking the trash out down a long, darkened driveway. Reading in bed. Painting miniatures. Finding something you dropped. Helping search-and-rescue parties find you. Safe trick-or-treating. Night raids on portals with your faction.

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Energizer Trailfinder Lantern FL4DAVODE is a powerful area light that is great for camping, hiking, and any other outdoor activity. The Dual Power Fluorescent Light by Energizer features a run time of up to 30 hours on one set of batteries. In addition to the four D Batteries, the Energizer Trail Finder Area Light is also capable of being powered by a 12V DC power adapter making this Energizer Lantern a dual power lantern. Energizer Area Lantern has a high impact ABS case and impact resistant rubber base that minimize the chance of damage from rough handling. These Trtailfinder Flashlights have a 7 watt fluorescent bulb for a 360 degree area of light. This area of light is perfect for camping as an entire tent can be illuminated. TrialFinder Dual Power Area Lights from Energizer are also great for power outages as they can fill a room with light and can last a long time on one set of batteries. The Energizer Trailfinder Fluorescent Lantern is an inexpensive lantern light with dual power capabilities that is perfect for outdoor activities and power outages.

Energizer TrailFinder Series LED Clip Light is a lightweight, versatile and economical flashlight. This is perfect for reading in low-light areas and useful for a number of activities. Trail Finder Clip Light from puts light where you are looking and is easy to use. Energizer Hat Light features Nichia LED that emits a bright white light. Cap LED Flash Light by Energizer is powered by a two CR2032 batteries giving this a long battery life of up to 30 hours. In addition, Energizer Hat Nichia LED Spot Light fits comfortably on any hat brim and stays firmly attached, allowing hands-free use.