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e-Zip by Currie Technologies 24-Volt Bicycle Battery Pack with Button-Style Terminal (Older Style)

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Don't hesitate to call or email us if you do not see your eZip parts listed on your e-bike's model page. As an authorized parts dealer for Currie Technologies, Monster Scooter Parts can bring you any Currie electric bike parts still in production, and for most discontinued models as well. If Currie made them, Monster Scooter Parts can send the correct replacement eZip parts for you. Finding the right eZip electric bicycle parts has never been so easy.

The eZip lines of scooters and electric bikes are known for their rock-solid construction and durability. Models like the Mountain Trailz e-bike and the 1000 watt, top-of-the-line, eZip 1000 electric scooter offer outstanding durability and performance. Costing mere pennies per recharge, an eZip electric bicycle or scooter is a very cost-effective way to lower your carbon footprint while revelling in unabashed fun. Additionally, more people are begining to realise the practical advantages and benefits the electric bike or scooter holds for the urban comuter. Monster Motor Scooter is proud to offer these fine eZip lines of electric scooters and hybrid electric bicycles.

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24 Volt Rack Mount Battery Pack (RMB) for IZIP Electric Bikes & EZIP Trailz - BUTTON Terminal

24 Volt Rack Mount Battery Pack (RMB) for Ezip Electric Bicycles - BLADED Terminal

12 Volt 10 Ah Electric Scooter Battery - 24 Volt 10 Ah (Set of 2)

12 Volt 12 Ah Electric Scooter Battery - 24 Volt 12 Ah (Set of 2)

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Cutting edge technology, superior design, high quality components and materials set our electric bikes and scooters apart from the competition. Our patented Currie Electro-Drive® Technology powers our scooters and bicycles, which are sold under the brand names IZIP hybrid electric bicycles and eZip electric bicycles and electric scooters. These powered bicycles and scooters offer the high performance you desire in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly light electric vehicle package.

The main reason EZIP electric bicycles cost so much less - is the use of lower quality components. Here are the main structural differences between EZIP vs. IZIP.