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Foamseal Hurricane Roof Protection and Roof Strengthening

Fast-Cure foam seals for the highly synchronised process manufacturing
The Fermapor® K31 Fast-Cure systems exhibited at Automechanika are fast reacting 2-component polyurethane foam seals that Sonderhoff has developed specifically for the automotive high clocked process manufacturing. Already after about 120 to 180 seconds the surface of the fast-cure foam seal is tack-free at room temperature. Due to this, the foam sealed parts can be rapidly processed in the subsequent manufacturing process and thus assembled earlier. It saves energy costs, possible costs for an intermediate storage of parts, investments in a tempering furnace or transfer belts for long curing lines. With the Fast-Cure foam seals from Sonderhoff waiting for components for the next processing step is over. The faster processing and thus the earlier final assembly of the components result in significant time savings throughout the production process, lower costs and a more efficient production.

Special fast-cure foam seals from Sonderhoff meet the technical requirements of the manufacturer's own standards in the automotive industry, from the Daimler DBL 5452-13 to the VW standard TL848 to Chrysler / Fiat standard MY 560. The fast-reacting Fast-Cure foams have low water absorption and protection classes up to IP69K depending on component design and the used foam seal system. They have a good adhesion on different material surfaces, on certain substrates after previous treatment. The viscosities of the Fast-Cure foams can be adjusted from liquid to pasty flexibly to the respective part geometry. Different hardness grades are possible. Thanks to good mechanical values, the Fast-Cure foam seals can easily be installed.

Foam Seal SF2100, once applied quickly ..

Manufacturer Name: Terand Industries, Inc.
Product ID: Terand-77912
Product Packaging: Case of 12 Cans
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs

Dow Great Stuff 12-oz Window and Door Insulating Foam Sealant

The automaker Daimler, for example, confirmed the sealing specialist from Cologne that the low-emission polyurethane foam seal Fermapor® K31-A-45CO-1-G-LE meets the stringent technical requirements of the manufacturer's own specification DBL 5452-13 to comply with the target values ​​of VOC emissions and fogging behaviour.

Low-Emission foam sealings for fresh air in the car interior
Sonderhoff has steadily improved the low-emission foam seal systems Fermapor® K31. They now meet the strict limit requirements of nearly all automobile manufacturers. The target values ​​for the VOC emission are at 100 micrograms and for fogging at 250 micrograms per gram of polyurethane. This allows reducing a high level of VOC in the air inside the vehicle significantly. Irritation of eyes, nose, throat, skin or allergic reactions can be avoided. Volatile Organic Compound are volatile organic compounds, which are not always firmly integrated into the molecular structure of plastics or adhesives. Therefore, they can slowly diffuse to the surface of plastic parts and thus into the air.