is a side elevational view of the temporary gravesite marker.

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Barton is a veteran who served during the Battle of San Jacinto. The Texas Historical Commission awarded the gravesite a marker Saturday. His grave is located at the Hidalgo City Cemetery on the 200 block of N. Third Street in Hidalgo.

Dimensionally it is conceivable that one might want a temporary gravesite marker which is larger than the eleven inches by five and one-half inches, such as eighteen by nine (18×9) inches, if the 2:1 aspect ratio is retained, or possibly eighteen by twelve (18×12) inches for a slightly different rectangular shape. If the thickness of approximately one inch to one and one-eighth (1⅛) inch is maintained, the larger sizes can pose a concern with regard to possible breakage. The longer the length, the greater the span and moment arm and thus the greater risk for breakage.

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    As described in the Background, one currently used style of temporary gravesite marker is a reused metal frame into which individual letter tiles are arranged. The frame and letter tiles may have already been used hundreds of times and the condition of such a marker is clearly suspect. In addition to the obvious disrespectful overtones of such crude markers, there is an obvious disparity in the pomp and circumstance of a properly conducted funeral service and the quality and styling of the final (permanent) gravestone. If these temporary gravesite markers were acceptable for the final form of a marker, then that is what would be used. Instead, the family of the deceased wants a larger, permanent gravestone which will have the beauty, quality, and durability to last for years. This is partly why granite is so often selected and this is why the lettering is etched or engraved directly into the stone. In view of this, why should the family of the deceased have to settle for the crude, metal frame, temporary marker? The answer is that the family of the deceased no longer has to settle for the status quo. The family of the deceased now has a better option for the temporary gravesite marker, and that better option is the gravesite marker 10 according to the present invention.

    Referring to , there is illustrated a “temporary” gravesite marker 10, according to the present invention. Marker 10 is actually constructed to be a permanent memento or keepsake which simulates the permanent gravestone to be placed at the gravesite. Accordingly, marker 10 has a size, shape, and weight that enables marker 10 to be considered as portable. Marker 10 is intended to be used by placing it on the ground at the gravesite in a cemetery, for example, with its upper surface 11 facing upright so as to be visible. Upper surface 11 includes identification information in the form of alphanumeric characters regarding the person buried at the corresponding gravesite. This information can include virtually any items which the family of the deceased would like to include as part of marker 10. It is expected that the included information will likely include the name of the deceased as well as the years (or dates) of birth and death. However, since the requested information is easily stenciled onto the upper surface 11 of marker 10, the information options for the family of the deceased are virtually limitless.