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What is the best outdoor hdtv antenna?

We tested HD TV antennas in New York City and judged quality based on several factors: total number of channels received, number of major channels (such as network affiliates) received and audio-visual quality. See for more details.

Outdoor HDTV antennas are usually considered to be the best antennas even though they incur high installation and basic costs. Further, the harsh environment also takes its toll on the antenna. They are ideal for reception in remote areas where the transmission towers are very far.

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Indoor HDTV antennas are usually more popular as they are very easy to install and also cost far less when compared to outdoor antennas. However, the indoor antennas have to be placed very close to the television set which is usually at the same level as the television itself. This lack of elevation along with possible distortions produced from walls, furniture and other items present in the house usually inhibits the performance of the antennas. Hence, the indoor antennas are ideal only when they are in close proximity to local transmitters along with minimal topographical and structural obstructions.

Although there are many antenna reviews available over the internet, it is important to understand that the HDTV antennas are different from most of the other products regarding the information of what is good and what is not as the performance of a HD antenna depends on the specific location that it is placed on along with other factors like the distance from the network tower, presence of any reflecting objects near the antenna and in case of indoor HD antenna’s the materials used in the construction of the building also plays an important role. Hence, it is quite common to find many contradictory reviews of the antennas. It is highly possible that a particular may be perfect for one user but absolutely useless for another user. Hence, while deciding on which HDTV antenna to purchase, along with reading the reviews, it is more important to read a HDTV antenna buying guide or other related articles.