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Samsung UN40K5100 40-Inch 1080p LED TV (2016 Model)

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We’re seeing huge 4K Ultra HD TVs and even bigger OLED TVs at CES 2014, but it looks like Samsung has keep one of the most exciting and interesting TV products to last.

We can expect most of the new OLED TVs, 4K Ultra HDTVs, and good old HDTVs to be announced at the press conferences today (Monday 6th Jan), but a number have already been announced. All will be detailed below in our overall CES 2014 post here.

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Short for High-Definition Television, a new type of television that provides much better resolution than current televisions based on the NTSC standard. HDTV is a broadcasting format where the broadcast transmits pictures with more detail and quality than found in a standard , or other digital television formats. HDTV is a type of Digital Television () broadcast, and is considered to be the best quality DTV format available. Types of HDTV displays include , , , and . HDTV requires an to view and the most detailed HDTV format is .

The new Full HD line are powered by Sony’s X-Reality PRO picture engine to get the best image quality The Sony W950B and W850B series models feature sony’s new Wedge design shape, as found in their new 4K TVs. This new “iconic” wedge form factor increases the capacity in the lower part of the TV and makes room for lager, more powerful and high quality speakers, higher than normally found on most HD TVs.