Intel Intelligent Home Energy Management system

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Intel Digital Home of the Future

If you recall all the way back to last week -- yes, it's a to us, too -- brought to his keynote an Atom-powered home monitor system, demonstrated by him and his . It was actually quite impressive, and thankfully Intel's gone ahead and launched an educational page for the Intelligent Home Energy Management Proof of Concept. The specs break down as follows: a gorgeous 11.5-inch capacitive OLED touch screen, Z530 processor, motion sensor and video camera support, stereo audio, WiFi, and integration. Throw in an open API and we're pretty sold on this -- assuming it was real, of course, and at this point it's nothing more than a teaser of things to come. Hit up the source link and expect a notable uptick in your longing for the future.

The Intel Home Dashboard like the , which is part of Cisco’s complete end-to-end smart gird solution; communicate through the use of and other smart devices in our home to relay energy usage information. They also offer the ability to add new application such as yellow pages, transportation schedule and video recording.

Intel Smart Home Gateways First Look

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According to Chris O’Malley, Marketing Manager at Intel, the Intel Home Dashboard Concept is an Atom based device that provides relevant and detail information on your overall electricity consumption and usage pattern with advance features that enable consumer to proactively take energy saving actions, to reduce and manage their energy effectively.

The Intelligent Home Energy concept offers a whole series of features that include leaving video memos for other family members, a “goodbye” switch that instantly configures all appliances to their least consumptive setting, along with reminding the user if they have left the stove on.