JJ Cole Diaper Caddy Pink Stripe

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JJ Cole Diaper Caddy - Pink Stripe

The JJ Cole Diaper Caddy is a versatile accessory that can be tailored to your needs. The front shelf is large enough to accommodate a large wipes box. The drawer below is ideal for holding creams, lotions, nail clipper, nail files, nasal aspirator, thermometer, etc. All those little items that keep getting misplaced around your home can be collected in one spot. The deep shelf can hold ~8 diapers arranged widthwise as well as a lotion, or it can hold ~16 diapers arranged lengthwise.

If you're in a larger home then you probably don't want to be trekking back to the nursery every time you need to change a diaper. Consider the JJ Cole Diaper Caddy a 'satellite diaper station'. Leave it in the room where you spend most of your time. The diaper caddy is also lightweight so you can carry it from room to room.

JJ Cole Diaper Caddy - Blue Stripe

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    With the JJ Cole Diaper Caddy, parents can now keep all the necessary changing supplies in one easy-to-access place. Simply grab the Diaper Caddy and change in any room!
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    I don't have a large home but I do have two small levels. I have the main change area in my baby's bedroom and keep the JJ Cole Diaper Caddy in the living room. I can pull it out easily whenever I need it and tuck it away when done. It hardly takes up any space and it looks great.

    These storage boxes come in different sizes and are great for keeping your nursery tidy. Keep socks, hats and bibs in one, onesies and pants in another, and have another for stowing toys away. The laundry hamper also makes a great addition, especially if you want to wash baby clothing separately. Each of these units are available in coordinating colors with your JJ Cole diaper caddy.