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Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division


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The economy must add 13 million private sector jobs over the next three years — 360,000 each month — to bring unemployment down to 6%. Core private sector jobs must increase at least 300,000 a month to accomplish that goal.

So what to do if you live in an area outside of these GIS job clusters and you’re not able or willing to move? Finding a GIS job is can still be possible but may be more challenging, depending on how populated your search area is. As shown on the map, GIS job listings occur across the country and can be found within every state. The most likely places for GIS jobs are usually within government agencies and private consulting firms that locate themselves near those agencies. Local city planning and engineering groups tend to be the likeliest place for GIS positions. Check for GIS positions as well within county and state offices, if they are nearby. A growing number of colleges and universities are creating GIS staff positions to support geospatial research and mapping needs by faculty. Retail companies are picking up geomarketing as a tool for helping with growth and a limited number of private sector GIS jobs pop up from time to time. Lastly, remote work can be an opportunity to pick up GIS work, although less steady and secure. A steady stream of freelance GIS work is posted on such sites a .

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  • New Jobs -- the number of jobs that did not exist before, representing economic growth.
  • Total Jobs -- the number of new jobs plus job openings to replace people who have retired.

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