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New Star 1 pc Heavy Duty Black 36x60 inch Restaurant / Bar Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mat

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Chef Mats Cushioned Kitchen Floor Mat - Damask (10) Sold by Kmart

Kitchen rubber mats are filled to the brim with beneficial properties that, all of which are ideal for commercial kitchens and food service areas. With its slip resistance, comfort, and drainage properties, rubber kitchen mats are the ideal investment. Whether you’re a business owner, a head chef, or a dishwasher, protect your kitchen floors with safe, cost-effective, and efficient rubber mats. You won’t regret the purchase.

We offer a variety of mats and rubber runners so that your installation can be contiguous or modular depending upon the specific size required for your needs. Place kitchen rubber mats in your restaurant kitchen to protect your guests and employees. Keep those restaurants running smoothly by investing in rubber kitchen mats. Call the Rubber Flooring Experts for recommendations, or browse our top-selling items!

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  • Lightweight: Even though kitchen rubber mats tend to be made with premium natural or nitrile rubber, their drainage design makes these mats relatively lightweight. As a result, they are easy to move, carry, and store! Clean your kitchen at the end of every day by removing and rinsing this rubber matting. It’s much easier that way.
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    Some of our kitchen rubber mats are equipped with specially designed surface textures for extra anti-slip safety. Think of this as going the extra mile. Rubber already comes with a significant level of traction, but some mats are designed to enhance that traction even further. The surface textures come in the form of slightly raised protrusions that are arranged in a specific pattern. These protrusions add to the resistance encountered by peoples’ feet while on the rubber kitchen mats.

    Our rubber floor mats are perfect for keeping people safe and secure on their feet. This is due to the fact that they are made with naturally slip-resistant rubber components. Rubber has an excellent level of innate grip. It provides moving feet with the levels of friction needed to maintain a stable balance. Even if the kitchen rubber mats are wet, the rubber material will not lose its traction. That is part of the beauty of having a kitchen cushion mat made of rubber, the ability to ensure the safety of everyone in the area even the wettest and messiest of conditions.