New LED dash lights & LED deck lighting for first responder vehicles

Partsam 10 Pack PC168 T10 Twist Lock Blue T10 168 Led Cluster Gauge Dash Light Bulb+ 10 Pcs Amber Mini bulb

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LED Dash Lights, Deck & Visor Interior Light Bars For Sale

Ultra Bright Lightz is stocked with dash lights and deck lights for every customer's needs. Whether you need one LED module or two LED modules, we have it. All of our LED dash lights, deck and visor lights are easy to mount and install.

Avenger Amber LED Dash Light has a polycarbonate assembly that is safer in the event of an accident or airbag deployment. Snap-on polycarbonate hood secures with two screws, minimizing flashback to the driver. Light has an 8'L cord with power plug that has an on/off switch and flash-pattern control. Includes swivel bracket with (3) suction cups.SAE J595 Class 1.

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SoundOff Signal 12 LED Nforce Nexus LED Dash Light With Suction Cups
New from The Public Safety Store & the wonderful folks at SoundOff Signal is the nFORCE brand of emergency vehicle lighting. The nFORCE uses a new reflector technology called NEXUS in order to make the light brighter, more intense and is able to widen the footprint that the light puts out. It's the brightness and quality we have come to expect from SoundOff Signal. SoundOff has taken the design of this one step farther than others. In the beginning, the design team set up to make a light that is an elegant design just as much as it is bright. With today's vehicles having sleek curves instead of boxy designs it only makes sense that we make a light of the same caliber. We have created dynamic angles, crisp edges and sleek silhouettes to minimize size and integrate with new police and fire vehicle styles.
  • 12 Powerful Bright Generation 3 LED Diodes
  • Single color configurations have 12 patterns while split colors have 24 flash patterns
  • Windshield Shroud, Suction cups included
  • 10 ft cord with cigar plug - Controls flash pattern & power with separate switches
  • Voltage: 10-16 Vdc
  • Current: <2.0 amp="" @="">
  • Dimensions: 6.8" L x 1.43" H x 5.00" D
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LED Dash lights, LED Deck Lights, deck and dash lights

Incandescent light bulbs can burn out, shatter, and produce a great deal of heat. These traits make them relatively unsuitable for the high-demand work required of first responder lights. Police LED dash lights and deck lights are made for durability, longevity, and dependable performance that personnel can - and do - trust to keep them safe in the field. With intense illumination that cuts through darkness, fog, snow and more, these fire dash lights will serve as a literal beacon of hope for victims in an emergency and a marker for other responders. These LED emergency dash lights will work as hard as first responders do to quickly get your crew where they need to go safely.

Whatever the needs of your emergency responder personnel, the linear and TIR dash light options offered by will give them the attention grabbing capabilities they require. Our linear optic solutions spread light in a dispersal pattern that's easy for other drivers and pedestrians to spot. Our TIR (total internal reflection) designs, on the other hand, condense light to provide a bright, narrow beam for more focused applications. Whether you elect to use a certain type or both LED dash light options to outfit your response vehicles, you'll never have to worry that your responders will have to vie for attention to clear pathways and roads en route to a call.