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I’m not sure why doctors don’t tell low-income people about this secret, since alcohol is so much cheaper than lice shampoo. But they should know about it!

After reading the contents of each shampoo I tried, I realized that each one seemed to contain some amount of alcohol. In the end, I found the cheapest treatment of lice prevention that even low-income people can afford, and which totally worked. Rubbing alcohol! It costs under a dollar a bottle and goes further than any other lice shampoo.

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"It's the same as penicillin," she said. "Just because your neighbor's child has strep throat you wouldn't treat your child with penicillin. Just because your neighbor's child has lice, you shouldn't treat your child with lice shampoo."

I acquired lice on my waist-length hair from school-aged kids. I tried everything from an expensive prescription shampoo to over-the-counter lice shampoos. I even tried dog shampoos! Nothing worked. (Spoiler alert! Dog shampoo doesn’t work.)