Mr Coffee LWXSS33 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker With

Mr. Coffee 114683-000-000 Coffeemaker/Urn Cartridge & 1 Filter

Too low to display

Coffee model LWXSS33 coffee maker from our local Walmart.

Early this year, we bought a coffee maker model lwxss33. We accidentally broke the glass coffee pot for it. I've gone back to several Wal-Marts and just can't find it. I've logged in to Mr. Coffee website and no luck there either. I don't understand why this is made so complicating to do. I have not had any morning coffee at the comfort of my home for a couple of weeks now. This was not a cheap model either. Otherwise, I would have bought another her coffee maker by now.

Early this year, 2010, we purchased a Mr. Coffee model LWXSS33 coffee maker from our local Walmart. From the beginning, it leaked water every time we filled the reservoir, this was just a nuisance. On June 16, 2010, after making coffee, the coffee pot signaled it was shutting off, automatic 2 hour shutoff, and approximately 5 minutes later, it began to reek of burning plastic. It then began to smoke heavily, activating the in-house smoke alarms, and filled the entire house with the smell of burning plastic, wiring, etc. We pulled the plug to the coffee maker which cut the electrical supply and stopped the coffee maker from catching fire. It was alarming and upsetting for this to have happened, with the thought of a house fire which would have resulted in the death of our pets, if we had not been home.

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