My mistake Melnor Metal Oscillating Sprinkler W/Metal Nozzles 3600SQF

Metal Oscillating Sprinkler, 3600 Square Feet


Melnor - Oscillating Sprinklers

If you have a lawn that your taking care of then you know how crucial it is to make sure that it gets a good watering. However not all of us are lucky enough to have a sprinkler system that is already installed and set on a timer. For the rest of us we have to rely on things like the MELNOR Metal Oscillating Sprinkler.

So if you have a large lawn and either are using multiple sprinklers or are just getting started, then the MELNOR Metal Oscillating Sprinkler is just what you need!

Oscillating Sprinkler with Metal Nozzles 280C.

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    Tired of those cheap plastic sprinklers that break easily? Turn to the MELNOR Metal Oscillating Sprinkler. Watering up to 3600 Sq. Ft., this solidly built, simple to use metal oscillating sprinkler is an ideal choice for large lawns. The sprinkler features quiet turbo design to provide a gentle rain that is great for newly seeded areas. The adjustable range allows you to water only what you want. perfect for the home gardener.