The allure of the pink mini iPod

Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Blue (4th Generation)


iPad Mini o iPod Touch 5G? Comparando

I mean just look at it. Not only can this thin, lightweight product of genius hold over 1,000 songs, but it's a cool way to show off your personality. It's sleek, stylish, and small, so if you're a student, it won't get in the way of the seven books, the laptop, and the twinkies and gatorade you already have to haul around. And guys? Admit it. You like pink too. So don't be ashamed to flaunt a pink mini iPod around campus. If anything, you may meet some interesting new friends.


Where there's a pro, there's a con. Your new pink mini iPod rocks, but, some things you may find that are not so rockin are:

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    If these aren't really an issue for you, that's great. And if they are, there are solutions, like, extra batteries and upgrades for more storage.
    But overall, who would have imagined such a cool toy ten years ago? And if you love music, and you love style, you'll love the pink mini iPods.
    And Apple pink mini iPods seem to be the hottest this year, in case you're shopping around!

    But, my Aunt Jonie grew curious about the new technology and started fiddling with it. Uncle Jack already started saving for another one.
    And yes. It's going to be a pink mini iPod. Can a girl resist?