I would get the brown medium sized neater feeder for my 2 pugs!

Neater Feeder Deluxe for Large Dogs in Bronze by Neater Pet Brands

Too low to display

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We would love a Neater Feeder in out house, with 5 cats that are all 20 lbs give or take, they can be pretty sloppy. They fling their food when they eat and my Mr. Abraham seems to think that the water bowls are for drinking and play. What I like most is that being raised such as they are that it is healthier for the pets and more comfortable. I dream of the day I'm not sweeping food off of the floor and wiping up water constantly. Great post-thank you!

I like how the Neater Feeder keeps food and water from hitting the floor when spilled. It has reservoirs that catch them, so your floor stays tidy.

Spill-proof dog bowls: Neater Feeder $66

  • Neater Feeder Express Cat Feeder
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    This would be awesome for my cat , he is the messiest eater I know of and he picks out his food and puts his favorite flavors to the side and he misses some of them and they end up on the floor, Now I know he is a cat but I don't want him to eat food that has fallen on the floor and This Neater Feeder would be the perfect solution for him and it would be less stressful on his body with the added height.

    The Neater Feeder is just what my dog Bentley needs! He is half Pitbull-half Bulldog and constantly makes a mess with his dog food and water! What a GREAT idea!! I hope that Bentley will get to try the Neater Feeder out! 🙂