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Nokia 105 RM-1135 Dual-Band (850/1900) Factory Unlocked Mobile Phone Black no warranty


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Nokia Repair Services: When you Nokia has a broken screen, was immersed in water or has the loud speaker blown out from playing your music too loud – the Nokia Repair Service section is where you are going to want to look. We have services ranging from Nokia charge port repair and LCD screen repair all the way to Nokia headset jack repair and vibrator repair. Each of these services purchases the diagnosis and the repair cost; it does not, however, cover any replacement part costs. Other Nokia cellphone repair services we offer include battery replacement, camera and video repair, WiFi and Bluetooth repair, faceplate housing case repair and much more.

Nokia Parts: If you are looking for OEM Nokia parts, you have come to the right place. We have the largest inventory of cellphone parts, including the highest quality Nokia cellphone parts. If you are looking to fix your Nokia yourself, you can order parts directly from our website by clicking the Nokia Parts section. We make it easy to select the right parts because we organize our products by manufacturer and then phone model. All of our models are listed from the newest model to the oldest model Nokia cellphone. We are the leader in Nokia parts and will have them in stock and ready to ship to you. No extra wait time means a quicker fix for your cellphone – which is the ultimate outcome.

Nokia Unlocking Services: We can unlock any Nokia cellphone whether it is a newer model or an older model. We unlock the following series and cellphones: Nokia 1100 Series, Nokia 2000 Series, Nokia 3000 Series, Nokia 5000 Series, Nokia 6000 Series, Nokia 6100 Series, Nokia 6200 Series, Nokia 6300 Series, Nokia 6500 Series, Nokia 6600 Series, Nokia 6610, Nokia 6800 Series, Nokia 7110 cellphone, Nokia 7200 Series cellphone, Nokia 7600 Series cellphone, Nokia 8200 Series cellphone, Nokia 8300 Series, Nokia 8800 Series, Nokia 8900 Series, Nokia 9000 and Nokia N-Gage. We also offer the service of unlocking any Cingular Wireless branded phone and unlocking any T-Mobile branded phone. Let our professionals unlock your Nokia phone safely and effectively. Why risk damaging your phone when you can pay a small flat rate to have it done right?

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Nokia Phones on Sale: Looking for a cheap Nokia phone for sale? On our Cellphone Repair Shop site, we offer refurbished Nokia cellphones for a discounted price. Our refurbished Nokia cellphones include high quality work that we back with a minimum warranty to our customers. The details page and product description on each Nokia cellphone will give warranty and feature information pertaining to a specific cellphone. Choosing one of our Nokia cellphones on sale is a great option for people stuck in a contract but not up for renewal on a discounted phone. Moreover, if your cellphone has become damaged and you simply do not want to spend a lot of money on a new phone, we provide the best options.

When your Nokia cellphone breaks, it will need to be fixed. If you are close to our Cellphone Repair Shop, stop in and drop off your phone. If you live outside of the local area, you can send in your Nokia cellphone by mail, get it fixed and have it shipped back to you in no time! If you are a person who likes to fix their Nokia themselves, you can order high quality Nokia parts online and have them shipped to your door. Choose from the following options: