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Pest Repeller Ultrasonic: Zaptya Humane Animal Repellent with Motion Activated LED Light and Ultra-sonic Deterrent - Better than Animal Traps, Home and Garden Protection, Battery Operated

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The idea that herbs make good companion plants is not new. Some of the earliest written documents on gardening discuss these relationships. When selecting your companion plants you will need to consider more than which pests are deterred. Think about what each plant adds or takes away from the soil and what effect the proximity of strong herbs may have on the flavor of your vegetables. Try to avoid placing two heavy feeders or two shallow rooted plant types near each other.

Battery powered ultrasonic indoor pest deterrent. As the Pest Controller is battery powered, it can be used in places without a mains power socket such as lofts, sheds, outbuildings, caravans and motorhomes. Protects your property by using ultrasonic sound, making mice avoid the area. Inaudible to humans. Powered by one PP3 9 volt battery which will...

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