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Dialing a contact on the Smartphone with Photo Contacts is fun!

Whether it's a wedding, family portraits, or a commercial shoot, a Photography Contract ensures the only memories captured are good ones. If you are hiring a photographer, use our legal document to outline your expectations in terms of how the photos will be taken, the timing in which the prints will be delivered and other issues around photographic rights. You can also incorporate clauses into the Photography Contract that dictate payment terms and contingencies, should you decide you want more prints or time with the photographer than originally agreed upon.

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Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

  • Traveler Photo Contest

  • Contact Pictures, Images & Photos | Photobucket

    Dialing a contact on the Smartphone with Photo Contacts is fun! Just select a contact photo, press the TALK button and select which one of the three most commonly used telephone numbers you wish to dial.

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