A: Pine Sol® products were not designed to be used in steam cleaners.

Pine-Sol 40125 Liquid Cleaner, 40 fl oz Bottle


Clorox 97348 Pine Sol Cleaner Mult Surf Orig 32 Oz

I used up an old bottle of original Pine Sol the other day and asked my husband to buy more while he was running errands. Little did I know the formula has changed ... and unfortunately, not for the better. The new scent smells nothing like pine. It has a fragrance more like cheap men's cologne or citronella that immediately resulted in a headache and nausea. I had to open a window and walk outside to keep from getting sick. I'd try one of the other fragrances but prefer the clean smell of natural pine. In addition, the others do not appear to have the same antibacterial qualities. If pine oil is too expensive, please seek other sources ... and/or increase the price ... and/or find a way to make one of the other popular scents antibacterial. Sorry, but the "new" Pine Sol is truly awful.

I am very unhappy with my recent purchase on pine sol. I love using pine sol, but I am reconsidering using your brand. I am uninterested in the other fragrances. This new scent has left my friends, and family lightheaded. I want the old scent back, or at least know as a Canadian where I can get it from.

Clorox 42464 Pine Sol Original Regular Pine Scent Cleaner 144 Oz

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Pine Sol Cleaner - Sparkling Wave, 28 oz

As someone who has used or been around someone who used Pine Sol for decades I was absolutely disgusted when I bought a new bottle (after having depleted a bulk purchase of Pine Sol several years ago) and found that the original pine scent was gone. The old Pine Sol always made me feel like the room was clean and the smell lasted for a long time. Scents are very evocative and the original scent brought back memories from childhood when my mother cleaned with Pine Sol and that smell meant things were clean. Does anyone know if there is another product that would smell like the original Pine Sol?

The features the ubiquitous Pine Sol lady who has graced television screens since the 1990s with her upbeat personality and wide-smiled approval of Pine Sol products. This particular ad experiments with a different tone than the familiar, family-friendly 90s commercials in its use of , but the overall message of a refreshing, cleansing Pine Sol remains the same.