I have this pocket juice charger.

Tzumi Pocket Juice 4000 mAh/2.1A Output Portable Power Bank USB Charger Compatible with iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, Androids, Tablets and other Mobile Devices, Pink

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TZUMI Pocket Juice Charger 4000 mAh Distributed by TZUMI

Mine was working just fine charged my daughters iPod to 100% and sometimes when needed her kindle she got it for Xmas then now I can’t get the pocket juice to charge at all, anyone know why that is?

My pocket juice charger was active for a few weeks but now as soon as you plug it into charge, it blinks blue, green red and then turns off…any ideas??

Tzumi Pocket Juice Rechargeable Power Bank, 2200 mAh, Black (2667ST)

Tzumi pocket juice portable charger
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Tzumi pocket juice portable charger
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Pocket juice portable charger in Bellevue, WA ..

Handheld GPS devices are intended to travel far and wide. This means they are often far from any stationary power source. The Pocket Juice charger recharges GPS units on a golf course, on backwoods , on mountain bike adventures, and more.

With the Pocket Juice stored in a purse or jacket pocket, users can a phone in a pinch while out shopping or on public transportation. No conversation need be cut short, as even the smallest capacity Pocket Juice charger adds up to six hours of additional talk time to any cellular phone.