The idle animation of the pogo stick.

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick (Black/Silver)

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How Much Air Can You Pump Into A Vurtego V4 Pogo Stick?

Pogo sticks are believed to have been first created in 1776 by when he ran a research project trying to discover why silly string doesn't just stick to the inside of the can. All the other researchers on the project except for the Big Bill died in horribly gruesome ways, although some of this can be attributed to the they had for dinner. Bill obviously survived because he draws energy from suffering PC users internationally, rather than from food.

Pogo sticks are often disguised as some sort of ridiculous bouncing form of transport by various Evil Organizations such as the , the Akatsuki and . However this is just a cover for their hidden power, just like with those other ultimate weapons, the .

How Much Air Should I Pump My Pogo Stick Up To?

“Poker stick”? “pogo stick” surely?

Pogo Sticks are rumoured to be used as weapons by many -kicking warriors of death such as or . One Pogologist went so far as to suggest that 's legendary roundhouse kick works because one of Chuck's legs is actually a pogo stick. That Pogologist was immediately obliterated by the Chuck, and so was his family, his house, his dog, his paperboy and all of California. Obviously, this means Chuck Norris does not use pogo sticks.

More recently Pogo Sticks were used during the War on Terror. However they were found to bring more terror so they were taken away and replaced with soothing candles and meditation sessions. The rejected Pogo Sticks had to go somewhere so they were dumped in a hole in Arkansas, near a town which became known as 'Pogonobyl' after the concentrated bounciness of the Pogo Sticks in the hole caused the town to , killing hundreds of people and infecting millions more with incurable .