National Poker Series Clay Poker Chips Set

Trademark Poker 500 Dice Style 11.5-Gram Poker Chip Set

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Wallpaper Poker Chips (weiss/blau) in der Auflösung 1920 x 1200

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The legendary Dune's Hotel and Country Club of Las Vegas finds new life in your games with these commemorative poker chips. They have been thoughtfully remade using the latest technology to replicate every detail of this iconic casino's standard chips. Bring a piece of the golden age of Sin City into your home game.

Wallpaper Poker Chips (weiss/blau) in der Auflösung 1600 x 1200

  • 500 14g CLAY Poker Chips with laser color effect design, feel like real casino chips
  • Aluminum Case
  • 2 decks of PLASTIC cards with case
  • 5 casino red Dice
  • 1 Deluxe Dealer Button, Big and Little Blinds Chips Denominations
  • 150 White Chips .. $1
  • 100 Red Chips ..   $5
  • 100 Blue Chips .. $10
  • 50 Green Chips .. $25
  • 50 Black Chips .. $100
  • 25 Purple Chips .. $500
  • 25 Yellow Chips .. $1000

Wallpaper Poker Chips (rot/grün) in der Auflösung 1920 x 1200

Start with the kind of poker chips to work with. Based on the price range and also the caliber of poker chips which you would like to own, there are a few major categories to select from. Are the plastic chips, which are substantially cheaper and lighter. These tend to be used by novices or home players who play mainly for enjoyment and not for profit. Yet, you can select between metal core chips and clay chips if you would like an upgrade. Both are used widely in casinos and are regularly part of most serious player’s equipment. These two are frequently used in casinos and are a part of long-time player’s gear and the serious.

Distinct Weights and Designs. Weight and design are two other factors to consider in poker chips set. As any serious poker player will inform you, every component of a poker game ought to be calibrated to help in the game, and also to fulfill an end aim. In the event of those chips, they are often not only tools for signifying money, but additionally aid in creating the “,” and tend to be used by players to relieve pressure. A good example with this is when a person spins clicks them to create an emotional impact on the opponent or chips in between fingers. Consequently, layout and weight matters, because these add new measurements to the gaming experience that is overall.