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Puppy Surprise Hasbro Pony Surprise Pony

WE LOVE PUPPY SURPRISE! M y little one has an allergy disease and can’t have animals especially dogs with long hair and cats.
The new kitty AUTUMN& the pink puppy are precious. My little one has her heart set on Autumn & the CARAMEL. She loves rainbows & cheetah prints! They are sooooo Cute!!!

My husband is in the military & has made a habit of buying our 3 year old daughter a present when he returns from his deployments. Yesterday I asked her what she wanted daddy to buy her when he gets home and she blurted out “Puppy Surprise”. I had no idea what she was talking about so I looked it up on the Internet & wound up on this website. Our family definitely has a Puppy Surprise (or several) in our future!

Puppy surprise. I remember mine had 3.

Puppy Surprise is for ages 3 and up.

I LOVE Puppy Surprises!!! I live in Los Angeles and have been trying to find Caramel and Coco (purple color) in stores but have no luck 🙁 Everytime I go to my near by Toys R US, Target, Walmart, Kmart, they only have Zoey and Popcorn ? Are Caramel and Coco only available in some states?

For a month now my 3yr old granddaughter had been saying she’s getting Puppy Surprise ! I didn’t even know what it was ! Had to look it up and ask her. When I asked if that was it her reply was ” You get it for me Grandma ?” So Grandma is doing her best to try and win it. When you have 8 going on 9 grandkids all under 7yrs old it gets expensive ! I try to win as much as I can. Have to admit this Puppy Surprise is something I’d have liked as a kids !! Thank you for the chance to win it !!