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can i get investigation discovery channel withrabbit tv

Rabbit tv is not plug and play. You are prompted to change the settings on your computer, which in turn, affects the future operation of it. There isn’t any tech customer support, rather you are referred to a web site in order to read additional possible solutions, which don’t work.

I tried to register with Rabbit TV and was stunned at the customer service. There is none! You are talking to a person in some other country, who won’t help you. If you go online as directed, you get a message that is as useful as tits on a bull! Save you money and shop somewhere else.

So you are using Rabbit TV on a Roku?

  • bo mccoy says:

    First of all I should have read reviews first, that was my first mistake. Second mistake was even buying it, third mistake was trying to get live support. I believe it is just a 10 dollar scam, also online chat was trying to get me to change all my settings on my computer…why? I guess to set me up for virus. They told me to turn off firewall…yea right!!! I told them NO I wasn’t turning it off. Guess what!!! live chat disconnected my chat, which I thought was very professional. This Rabbit TV and all people involved are jokes. DO NOT GET SUCKERED LIKE I DID. 10 BUCKS FOR MILLION CHANNELS…YEAH RIGHT….DON’T DO IT. Next thing we will see on tv is a big name lawyer filing a lawsuit action against this company…

  • Rabbit TV TV Spot, 'Free Movies'

    I could not even start mine! A box with this message comes every time I try to start it: “RabbitTV has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost.” And it shows the button to close. COMPLETE JUNK! DON’T BUY IT!!!

    I just installed Rabbit TV and had no problems with installing it and it works just fine. For price you pay for it $9.99 and get year free of TV I say its worth it. For those of you that cant get it to work there is something wrong with your computers because everyone is not having problems.