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Refresh Liquigel Lubricant Eye Drops 1 Fluid - 2 x 0.5 Ounce each


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REFRESH LIQUIGEL Lubricant Eye Drops is a unique, extra-strength eye drop, specially formulated to provide added moisture for immediate relief of moderate-to-severe dry eye symptoms. REFRESH LIQUIGEL works like your own natural tears; it is safe to use as often as needed.

Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops work very, very well and i've used them for several years. Several years ago i started having trouble with my eyes itching all the time and saw a doctor about it. he said he could give me a prescription for eye drops that he said would be good, but would be quite expensive and would also carry the chance of being addictive or not be efficacious after awhile. since i have had several allergies to various medicines, i try to avoid prescriptions if at all possible and i hate taking them if i can. he reccommended allergan refresh liquigel eye drops and my husband picked them up for me at the store. since that time we've both used the liquigel eye drops to help relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. i would reccommend these liquigel eye drops to anyone who might need some help with relieving dry eye symptoms and the price of them is well worth the cost of them.


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Refresh Liquigel Lubricant Eye Drops 1 Fluid Ounce (2x15 ml) by Allergan. $10.99. Extra strength gel drops for dry eyes. Each sterile. 2 x 15 ml bottles replaces 1 x 30 ml bottle. Make your dry eyes feel better with the drops doctors recommend. Refresh Liquigel Lubricant Eye Drops provides extra strength moisturizing relief, plus protection, for dry, irritated eyes with our thick gel formula. Refresh Liquigel comes in a convenient multi-dose bottle and is safe to use as oft...

Systane Gel Drops were associated with significantly better corneal staining scores versus Refresh Liquigel eye drops in patients with dry eye. Supportive efficacy outcomes were not significantly different between groups. Both treatments were well tolerated.