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As the Mk II version was being produced in quantity, development of a Mk III version was starting, which incorporated a number of changes and modifications to make operation of the set more flexible. The original requirement for the No. 19 grew out of a desire for a radio that would fit into new designs of tanks, have the size of the Wireless Set No 19 Mk II that was developed early in the war, have the power output capability of the large and bulky Wireless Set No. 9 and be produceable by assembly line techniques of the day.

The ‘wireless set number 19’ according to some experts was not the best means of communication during the Second World War, it surely has become the most talismanic of the radio systems in use at the day. To war historians – amateurs and professionals alike – this radio set is a symbol for all communication equipment used by the allied forces.

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    Das Wireles Set 19 ist ein kompakter Sendeempfänger mit welchem Panzer und andere Fahrzeuge ausgestattet wurden. Das Gerät umfasst einen Kurzwellen - Transceiver mit einer Ausgangsleistung von ca. 2 W in Telephonie und 4 W CW, einen low power VHF-Transceiver mit einer Ausgangsleistung von 400 mW, welcher zur Kommunikation im Nahbereich beispielsweise zwischen Fahrzeugen eines Verbands eingesetzt wurde und eine NF-Verstärkeranlage als Bordverständigungsverstärker.

    The infamous Wireless Set No 19. Used by the British military in WW2 the WS19 was a lovely piece of kit installed in tanks and other vehicles. The 19 set was aso used by the CCF, Combined Cadet Force, during the 1960s and 70s, on spot frequencies... Delta Oscar, Tango Golf etc.

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