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International Silver Arabesque Frost 18/0 Stainless Steel Flatware, 20-Piece Set, Service for 4 (5114325)


williams sonoma french silverware 1980s

Simple and easy to use wrap for your silverware. I use it to wrap plastic silverware for my carry outs and deliveries. Highly recommend this product!!!

I really like these bags. They have a little flap like a sandwich bag to enclose all the items. They make drop off orders much easier & sanitary. These are much cheaper than buying pre-rolled utensils and much easier than rolling your own silverware.

one kings lane picnic silverware set

noritake adagio porcelain silverware

Exactly what I was looking for. These spoons, forks, and knives are simple and sleek, and it's a blessing to not have to wash them every night! I love disposable silverware!

When transporting, temporarily storing, or dispensing silverware and plastic ware utensils, use these .5 mil thick, 3 1/4" x 10" silverware bags. They feature a 1 1/2" flap for a more secure closure option. They are ideal for use in your restaurant, cafeteria, or deli.