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This single person tent weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces, so it isn't the lightest on the market, but it's definitely light and small enough to carry when hiking. The first time I assembled it took about 5 minutes, and it's very easy to do by following the instructions attached to the inside of the stuff sack.

The aluminum poles come split into small sections held together with shock cord that holds them together solidly when assembled. The poles attach by clips then secure through webbed loops so there are no grommets to tear out or break. The stakes appear to be aluminum and they aren't supposed to be bendable, but I managed to bend one the very first time I set up the bivy. Bending a stake isn't uncommon though, and they do provide a good number of spares (14 in all).

I'm 5'8" and I can stretch out in a sleeping bag, put my hiking boots and a pack at the base, and sit up comfortably in the front portion. The mesh is great for warm, dry nights and helps prevent condensate buildup inside, and I love how it opens up enough that I can walk into the tent instead of having to stoop or crawl to get in and out.

It's a three season tent, and that mesh is perfect for hiking or camping out here in South Texas to get plenty of ventilation and keep bugs out, and it also comes with a rain fly for colder or rainy weather. Keep it well ventilated to avoid condensation and if it's raining, you might want to hang a tarp over the entrance so you can get in and out without getting things wet.

Please note that it does require staking, so avoid campsites where the ground is extremely hard or rocky. Other than that, this tent is compact, lightweight, waterproof, easy for one person to assemble quickly, is easy to repack into the stuff sack when you're ready to break camp, and is a bright orange color to make it easier to find in case you need rescue, so I'd definitely recommend it.

Tents are essential camping or backpacking tools to provide a safe haven from the wilderness. Those who have budget constraints may want to consider the Eureka! tent. Those who are particular about insect protection should consider the SansBug tent. For those in search of a quality tent at a value price that encompasses comfort and luxury, the Aqua-Quest tent is the best single person tent that would fit your description.

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    My husband loves camping, fishing, hunting, you name it. He's been known to go by himself for a getaway weekend, which is really healthy for him. His heart doc has even told him to get away as often as he can to decompress. But he really hates having to set up a big tent just for himself, it's very time consuming. This Winterial Single person tent is exactly what he needs for those quick weekend getaways. He is 6 feet tall, about 225 lbs and there was still room inside of the tent for small personal items such as a small drink cooler, an LED lantern and one of our dogs if he wanted to take him as a companion. I had to laugh because I didn't think the dog would stay, he would want to be outside guarding things. As far as set up, the rods are inner lined with a flexible rope and they pretty much self-connect, it's incredibly easy to put them together. It's like night and day when putting up a standard tent, you just run the rods through the slots, it's so simple a teen could probably do this. My husband set this up on the living room floor to check it out, but there are anchors for hammering this into to the ground when camping. He got inside to show how roomy this single person tent really is. You can sleep with the cover on or off if you happen to like to sleep seeing the stars and don't expect any bad weather. Otherwise, there is a cover for that and it's waterproof. It comes in a carrying case and it doesn't take up near the space that a big tent will. This is a really great idea for someone like my husband who loves his overnight trips or weekend getaways, or even when taking family camping and the younger ones don't want to stay with mom and dad in the big tent, two younger ones, age appropriate of course, would fit fine next to mom and dad's big tent in this.

    You’re a lone ranger and you are looking for the best single person tent? Look no further for you have come to the right place! Tents offer so much comfort from the rain as a dry cozy spot and as a zone of protection from insects. Choosing the best tent for yourself has to take into consideration personal preferences and finding a balance between space, weight and price.