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Sterling Silver Garnet Solitaire Ring, Size 7

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10-karat Yellow-gold Deep-red Garnet Diamond Ring

Rings are potent symbols of power, the circle of life, and promises to keep. At Gemvara, we believe that the rings you wear should be one of a kind, like you. That's why all our rings are made from scratch in your choice of gems and precious metals. Choose citrine and palladium or ruby and sterling silver: it's your choice. Mix and match gems and precious metals for a look that's exactly you. It's jewelry for all life's occasions, from an anniversary or birthday to your own personal milestones and celebrations. Our impressive selection of solitaire garnet rings by Bijoux & Bijoux, Martha Gomez Gutierrez, Ji Hwang, and many other jewelry designers means you can find a style that's perfect for you. Gemvara's stunning solitaire styles add timeless glamour to everything you wear. Because all Gemvara solitaire garnet rings are made to order, we can hand-select the finest quality materials to perfectly suit your design. Red garnet gives off strength and confidence with its bold tone. Be careful when washing your hands: rings can easily slip down the drain! Clean solitaire garnet rings in a bowl of water with a little mild dish soap. You can use a soft brush where dust collects. Gemvara's fine quality solitaire garnet rings are designed to be passed down for generations, hand-crafted by skilled craftspeople in the United States.

Now that you've found her, never let her go. Select the preset engagement ring that defines your love, like this tension set solitaire garnet ring set in 14k white gold.

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