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Teabloom Tea Infuser (Gift Set of 2) - Loose Leaf Tea Infusers - FDA Silicone Tea Strainer & Filter - Tea Maker Gift For Friends & Lovers

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3 teaspoons of Tea Lovers Premium Quality Chai Masala loose leaf Tea

Place Tea Lovers Premium Quality Chai Masala Tea leaves into your Handy Brew teapot. Add hot water and steep until tea reaches desired strength and colour.

Welcome to the new Tea Lovers website! We are very excited to be able to announce the launch of our new website and hope that you find this updated version of our website far more user-friendly and appealing.

Place one scoop of your favourite Tea Lovers tea in the Handy Brew

A great hand made gift for a tea lover.

India is one of the largest producers of tea in the world. A cup of tea, any time during the day rejuvenates us. Drinking tea is part of many cultures, bed tea, morning tea, noon tea, tea party, hi tea, every occasion is blended with tea! The prominence of drinking tea created the interesting jobs for food lovers, especially tea lovers, called tea taster. A brand new career in tea tasting needs knowledge of tea leaves, how farming is done, etc.

Hello and welcome to Chicago Tea Lovers! We're a group that explores everything and anything relating to that wonderful alternative to coffee! Our MeetUps are in the city and the suburbs and range from checking out smaller tea shops and cafes to visiting tea chains.