From the package notes that accompany Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm Red Extra Strength Pain Relieving Ointment

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Sorry to hear about your joint pain. I hope you found your tiger balm and it eased things. I get a lot of pain in my neck vertebra and upper spine – I constantly smell of tiger balm from massaging it into my skin!

i am sooo glad i read this post! i’ve never used tiger balm, but now i’m going to have to buy some! it sounds like it could really help with the headaches, neck, arm and leg pain I get! thanks for sharing!

• Keep Tiger Balm away from the delicate and moist linings in or

Helen writes: "I found your page through a search and am looking for tiger balm recipes. I clicked on the one on your website and got a message that it's no longer available?? Help!"

I found a couple of websites which have what seem to be good directions for creating a homemade menthol rub. (Caveat: I have not tried them.) Hopefully, this will help.

Can't find the Balm in your area? Haw Par Healthcare has a listing of global Balm distributors on their webpage (well, OK, it's a listing of countries where it's sold - in theory, the Balm is OTC in just about every country, and so you should be able to find it at a chemist's shop, drugstore, health-food type store). Mary from the UK emailed and said, "Tiger Balm is sold in the UK at Boot's the Chemist, SuperDrug and some Supermarkets."

The Haw Par corporate page lists Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster as a product - "Tiger Medicated Plaster is a non woven material impregnated with Tiger Balm Formulation." After requesting more information about them on this page, Nancy wrote in and said, "Tiger Balm -- if anyone out there has NOT tried the plasters, you are denying the best of Tiger Balm!! Found them in Hong Kong three years ago and have hunted here -- until now. Unfortunately, they are the small plasters and not as much bank for the buck, but the still work a treat!!! I leave my plasters on my lower and upper back and the change is amazing. I can wear them in excess of 8 hours and they still have a modicum of punch left in them." Excellent suggestion Nancy!

• Do not bandage areas where you have applied Tiger Balm.

In a nutshell, I really can’t sing the praises of Tiger Balm enough – and no I am not a sales rep for, or any way connected to the commercial enterprise of, Tiger Balm! I am just a girl who has found relief from some of my ME/CFS symptoms through this little pot of joy.

Tiger balm products were formulated more than 100 years ago and are now being used by billions of people around the world. Tiger balm has many proven results in winning the customer satisfaction and you can read it from the testimonials of our customers who have used this product.