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As a recent college graduate I feel I should be asking myself that very question often. I mean, who knows their life’s purpose immediately upon getting out of college? It’s a tough time being thrown out into the world and told to find a job.

The earlier you can successfully identify classes/abstractions the less time you can spend refactoring your code, so it’s worth improving the methods you use to find classes.

Ways to find a job that suits you best | UPDATED TRENDS

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Ultimately, experience is the best way to find all the beliefs and conditionings that cause any given problem. The more you do it, the easier it will become. (As I mentioned in a recent post, a negative sense of self and life, along with negative expectations, sometimes have to be eliminated before an undesirable behavior or feeling is totally gone.)

The requirements document/ can be used to find nouns and verbs to help you creates classes and methods. Nouns give you the classes and Verbs give you the methods.