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The train goes from New York to Chicago.

The GoGadget product web page includes a complete list of devices currently supported by the application. For devices not on the list, Mark/Space is soliciting device requests through a form on the GoGadget Web page. As Mark/Space adds support for new devices, the updated device list becomes automatically available to GoGadget – there’s no need to upgrade the software just to enable support for the latest devices.

Device manufacturers who wish to bundle GoGadget, or a customized version of GoGadget with their hardware should contact licensing(at)markspace(dot)com

the train goes from London to Glasgow →

  1. to discuss or investigate:
    Let's not go into the question of whose fault it was.
  2. to undertake as one's study or work:
    to go into medicine.

to go to sleep → become, go, get

Over 200 representatives from local businesses, agencies, and organizations gathered at The Davenport Hotel on February 7, 2013 to honor outstanding Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) performances at the 17th annual Way to Go Awards Luncheon. Master of Ceremonies, Ted Horobiowski, CTR Board Member and retired Avista’s Strategic Transportation Initiatives Manager, welcomed everyone attending.

Congratulations to all the 2012 winners! Their commitment to clean air, mobility and preserving the quality of life, which makes Spokane a special place to live, is tremendous. Way to Go!