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Typewriter sales have gone up in Berkeley over the past few years, and the owners of the city’s two typewriter stores can’t quite explain why. But, whether it’s the vintage appeal or just because people want to write without the distraction of the internet, the two stores aren’t complaining.

So what to look for when you’re in the market for a typewriter? It really depends on what you want it for. If you’re simply looking for a cool decoration or conversation piece, color and style are the only things you need worry about. If you want a machine you can actually use, Donna Brady, one half of typewriter restoration team , recommends buying one in person whenever possible. “You should go with what feels good to type on. More times than not, what appeals to your eyes may not appeal to your fingers.” And though buying a refurbished typewriter can cost a few bills, it’s probably worth it since, as Brady points out, manual writing machines have up to 3,500 moving parts, any number of which can cause it to malfunction.

How to Buy Vintage Typewriters: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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Understand the value of a vintage typewriter before you begin to shop

These new typewriter capabilities and functions eliminate errors and save a lot of time for those who still need a typewriter. Many schools, lawyers' offices, government entities and businesses still use typewriters. Royal typewriters are helping facilitate these organizations. An LCD allows many of these typewriters to store typed text for later typing. At 22 characters a second, many of these typewriters print faster than many modern-day printers.